AAWIC – Brand Development

With the advent of COVID-19, AAWIC (African American Women in Cinema) needed an alternative to their live film festivals that would enable them to continue to provide exposure and grants for African American Women Filmmakers. Having designed posters and marketing materials for their screenings at Sundance in February 2020, I was asked to help create a website that would enable AAWIC to continue their efforts in an online environment.

I designed the AAWIC Online Media Series logo, and established brand guidelines that are used on their responsive website and in marketing materials. Another colleague assembles their monthly Vimeo pages using the content from the website, maintaining brand continuity between platforms. In addition to creating the website assets with the materials provided by the filmmakers, I also edit their bios and film synopses to fit the allocated space.

Our collaboration is proving to be successful and is gaining industry recognition.

AAWIC Online Media Series

  • The AAWIC Online Media Series logo was designed in Illustrator and the website in Wordpress.
  • Monthly promo framework designed in InDesign, to maintain brand continuity with the website and be easily updated. 
  • The intro MP4 was designed in After Effects to be used in lieu of film trailers on the Vimeo pages.
View Website
AAWIC Special Screening Event Poster
Monthly Promo

AAWIC – Sundance Special Screening

  • 1 of 3 event posters created for the AAWIC Special Screening Program at Sundance Film Festival 2020. Also designed the individual movie posters for the filmmakers.*
  • 2-sided Comp Card for handout at Sundance. 
  • Eventbrite page header image for event registration.
    *IMDB credit as Graphic Designer for What's In A Name: A Versace Story.
Event Poster
2-Sided Comp Card
Eventbrite Header