KARMA: deed, action that has consequences

Digital Karma Design?

I’ve always believed that the efforts I’ve put into creative endeavors entrusted to me are a reflection of my character. With every project I undertake—whether solo or as part of a creative collaboration—I strive to provide better than expected results. In addition, I believe that developing/following branding guidelines are an equally important part of the design process, and take the time to educate those who are not aware regarding the importance of brand recognition and how it is achieved.

Through the years, I’ve been very fortunate to work with some amazing creative directors, designers, art directors, printers and filmmakers/video artists, in just about every area of the creative industry. All projects undertaken are done so with final production in mind—whether it be for print, digital, video, film, or any combination thereof.


Brand Development

With the advent of COVID-19, AAWIC needed an alternative to their live film festivals that provide exposure and grants for African American Women filmmakers.


Brand Development

After rebuilding their website, brand continuity was established across all of Streaming Media Live's print and digital needs.


Hybrid Graphic Design

Working for a boutique agency provides the opportunity to expand skills by working on a myriad of diverse projects.